Fan for Main PCB enclosure

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Update: the connector and pins are correct. However the fan, while it fits, cannot get enough airflow due to size constrictions when it is either mounted inside or outside the enclosure. I am ordering a different kind of fan, called a "blower" which might have a better chance in the confined space. Will update this entry when fan arrives.

This is preliminary, parts ordered, awaiting conformation of fit and operation ...

Ordered from Digikey

  • 603-1797-ND, AFB0624VHC-F00, 60X60X13MM 24VDC Fan W/SPD SEN TACH, $12.65
  • 455-2266-ND, XHP-2, CONNECTOR HOUSING 2.5MM 2POS, $0.10
  • 455-2261-1-ND, SXH-002T-P0.6, CONNECTOR TERMINAL CRIMP XH 26-30AWG, $0.10 x2

The red fan wire is +24V. The black wire is ground. The blue wire is tachometer (not used.) The connector and terminal pins are ordered separately and attached to the wires and plugged into the bottom of the main PCB (pictures will be included here when components are received and assembled.)

Sneak Edit by dgriffith - The fan from the original power supply fits nicely - if you have a dead supply, pull out the fan and use that. After install the PCB case is barely warm after several hours of printing. Mount the fan so that it is drawing air in and blowing on the underside of the PCB - I determined the direction of airflow by plugging the fan into the PCB and powering the board up. The PCB socket needs one side to to be trimmed off to fit the fan connector in, I also used a drop of super-glue to hold it as it tended to pull out whilst assembling the PCB back into its case.