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Interior Decorating 101: Essential Home Makeover Tips
Posted by aglasian on October 11th Cheap Xavi Hernandez Jersey , 2015

So have you been thinking of revamping your home? We take you through some of the best and essential home makeover tips that could add a fresh appeal to your home and break the monotony. In fact, it is a much needed exercise that everyone must indulge in. It is as liberating as getting a new haircut done. The thrill and high is pretty much the same.

Some homemakers practice it every season while some wait for a few guests to point out, that a change is needed. Whatever the reason may be, these essential home makeover tips will definitely come in handy once the season changes.

Add a natural touch: It is a good idea to invest in certain crochets and pretty florals for your living room. It will be different in feel and add freshness to your room.Wallpaper: If your walls are done with only paints, you can actually bring the difference by replacing it with a quirky wallpaper or wall tiles for that matter. They are quite popular these days.Replace the light bulbs: Experiment with a wide variety of light bulbs. There are so many options to choose from. Get as creative as you can by adding coloured bulbs for that dramatic effect.Revamp your closet: Create a Carrie-esque heaven! This is something all women should do periodically to discover hidden treasures. In fact Cheap Thomas Vermaelen Jersey , change the placement of the cupboard or invest in a different one and use the previous one for something else. Curtains: You cannot imagine the difference curtains can make to the overall appearance of your home. Go for it and take the plunge! It is both an easy to implement and cheaper option.Fireplace: It adds an exotic charm to your home and makes for a pretty corner to have those late night talking sessions or simply reading along with a cup of coffee! It can turn out to be an amazing conversation corner while hosting guests as well. Furthermore, you can highlight the fireplace with a cool set of digital tiles or ceramic tiles.Add a swing in the balcony: There are many designer and even simplistic bamboo swings to choose from. They add freshness and give you an impetus to enjoy that cool breeze during the evenings.Mix up the traditional and contemporary: This could involve bringing together ceramic bowls with steel tables or putting an old antique piece in the newly done living room with modern art on the wall or customized wall tiles that paint a picture. Just be tasteful and do not go astray!Centre-piece: If a bowl full of pebbles has adorned your centre table from a long time, why not replace it with a flower vase with fresh flowers? Bask in the fragrance and freshness in full flow.Something antique: Why not bring the antique vintage bookshelf from the store and make it into a beautiful addition to your contemporary living room? Keep your best books and watch the magic unfurl.Redo your dressing table: You could take out all the trinkets and place it in beautiful crochet boxes and place them outside rather than digging them inside the closet.

At the end of the day, do what comes naturally to you and pay justice to your comfort levels. Remember to take it slow as interior decorating is a gradual process.

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