Polymakr Kickstarter

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Polymakr Kickstarter

Postby John Bigbie » 29 Apr 2014, 10:35

This may be promising as a source for new types of filiment https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/19 ... top-3d-pri
Which filaments would you be interested and what would you print?
John Bigbie
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Re: Polymakr Kickstarter

Postby noog » 29 Apr 2014, 12:47

I've already backed the Polymakr - It looks very interesting, although I think i'll probably want my object cooling fan setup before it arrives! It's pretty much the same price as regular PLA here so even if it's not a great deal better it's still stock!

I want some ninjaflex, some laywoo-D3 and some of the laybrick filament.

I have an architect friend who is interested in letting me try and print his Sketchup drawings for his clients, which could prove fruitful..
The ninjaflex is just for playing really, I would like to print some wheels for my RC car, and maybe some shoes or maybe gloves?
and the laywoo just because I have a friend who is very much into woodworking & he is interested :)

How about you John?
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