The Micro 3D Printer

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The Micro 3D Printer

Postby itaaronbailey » 23 Apr 2014, 15:13

The Micro USB Printer

I'm quite impressed with the price point & resolution of this printer. I just wish the build area was bigger!

So what's the betting this printer doesn't hit it's first delivery date of December 2014? ;)

It would be interesting to compare how this project is run compared to the RigidBots, I certainly think that RigidBot has had the most useful updates of projects I've backed!

On a side note, Does anyone know if our printers would be able to be modified to print at 50micron too? Or is this a limitation to the stepper motors used on the RigidBot?
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Re: The Micro 3D Printer

Postby philB » 24 Apr 2014, 15:37

I think the 50 micron thing is more to do with the threadded rods than the stepper motor, i believe for every 'step' the motor will move a set distance on the rod, which will define our resolution. Perhaps a modification could be worked up though.

saying that 100micron is enough for most purposes i think, the time at which it takes to print at that resolution is barmy, i cant see many people opting for 50micron regularly..
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Re: The Micro 3D Printer

Postby jlogajan » 26 Apr 2014, 14:27

Without looking at it, generally, there might be a dividing line for small precision parts versus larger more dimensionally tolerant parts.

It might be economical to divide those capabilities into two different machines.
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