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Postby Snarkticon » 01 Oct 2014, 15:40

I finally got my printer up and running yesterday, and took it for a few test prints. I'm a hobbyist who makes movie prop replicas, so my first few items are little things from Star Trek and Star Wars.

The first was rather a disaster:
Using Pronterface with PLA and default settings. Very low resolution and LOTS of delamination.
(Doctor's mobile holo emitter from Star Trek Voyager)

Tried again with PLA in Cura:
It turned out slightly better, but again, the same issues.
(From left to right: Pronterface, Cura)

SO ... I tried with ABS and noticed a GIGANTIC difference:
(From left to right: PLA, ABS)

So I immediately became a fan of ABS over PLA, and proceeded to print two more small objects I had on file:
(From left to right: custom comm badge, Holo Emitter, Droid Restraining Bolt)
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