AutoLeveling Bed / Tramming

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AutoLeveling Bed / Tramming

Postby JohnnyBoy » 27 Dec 2014, 08:27

The process of getting RigidBot working with Autobed Leveling has alot of problems before its working. When its done its worth all the work :D

First you must begin with a working Firmware (FW) for the Rigidbot(RB) and all the sourcecode. I have attached a version of the RigidBot Community Edition (RBCE) sourcecode . The original and updates can be found at

The guide (will be) is attached as a step-by-step guide. (In working progress)
Guide for Auto Bed Level.docx
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Re: AutoLeveling Bed / Tramming

Postby epatel » 03 Apr 2015, 12:26


I have added an alternative bed levelling (compensation) feature to Marlin. I bought a "started" RigidBot BIG kit, which was pretty bad and I had major problems getting it working. So I added a new bed levelling feature in Marlin just to get it working. It has now been merged and is available in the current Marlin. My setup is also maybe a little different but I think this feature is really good for large build plates.

You can read about it here

To use read here ...
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