Real Madrid makes a big mistake

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Real Madrid makes a big mistake

Postby fifa17coins » 30 Oct 2017, 02:39

Zinedine in the Monti Lili Stadium resorted to all the hands of the main lineup, but did not expect but 1-2 negative. In the game left more than half an hour of time, Real Madrid 1 ball did not enter the Galaxy warship front weakness has been ill, and even can be said to affect Real Madrid defending La Liga and Champions League the most fatal factors.
Experienced the King's Cup holiday, Zidane tonight in the away shot in the hands of the strongest lineup, can be said to be enough to face the face of Girona fans face. Last season, fifa 18 coins the Champions League final starting 11, Real Madrid tonight only Navas due to injury, Kawahar because the pericarditis has not been recruited, Benzema and C Luo partner double arrow, midfielder is Cross, Modric , The strongest configuration of Casemiro and Isaac.
But C Luo whole game shot 8 feet, shot 3 feet but did not score a goal. The season so far the Portuguese striker only scored 1 goal, once again refreshed the individual Real Madrid career single season worst goal efficiency. Although C Luo is currently the Real Madrid team this season, the first striker, scored 7 goals in total, but there are five goals from the Champions League, in the league and the West Cup in each into a ball.
C Lo in La Liga mischief, the most direct impact is Real Madrid in the league goals lack of fire. Had been the first time in 45 years the league played nine rounds, never a single field victory over opponents 3 goals or more, but against the West B champion Girona, Real Madrid is still not usher in a victory.
And Benzema as always in the doldrums, the French striker this season, the league only scored a ball, has been criticized by the Madrid media. Real Madrid is currently the league's first striker is the Islamic, Spain midfielder scored the only goal on the road this season, La Liga has scored three goals this season, but this goal of Islam from the counterattack, fifa coins even if the process Wonderful, but reflects the fundamental problem of Real Madrid front weakness, the face of iron drum array approach is not much.
Looking back at the beginning of Real Madrid season, Manchester United and Barcelona won the European Cup and Western Cup when the high-spirited, the Champions League away victory over Dortmund, home draw horizon Tottenham, Real Madrid and opponents gripping scenes is almost fifty open, Real Madrid has a lot of counterattack And offensive space, gains the goal is not a problem.
But Real Madrid so far lost 9 points in the league, opponents are against Valencia, Levante, Betis, Getafe and Girona, in addition to the bat legion, the other opponents are small teams, Real Madrid punt Opponents are hard to shake the drum array. And Valencia is at home in Real Madrid game, the scene at a disadvantage, take away 1 points to win, Real Madrid more advantage but instead can not break the door, do Galaxy warships into the goal must be opponents in the scene meal The
And let go J Luo and Mora La is already a cliche of the topic, if the Mora tower still, Real Madrid can use the sidewalk pass, the center of the tactical gains point. And J Luo was originally a restricted area of the arc before the ruler, long-range is a dense weapon to break the defense, but let go of the two, Real Madrid attack off a hand.
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Re: Real Madrid makes a big mistake

Postby thutrangctp » 22 Feb 2019, 07:23

Not all are true. Everyone has their own way of thinking but I think they have to reconsider. I like to argue for the most accurate results.
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