Front End "Clunk" while Braking Over Bumps

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Front End "Clunk" while Braking Over Bumps

Postby williamhawk » 22 Sep 2017, 09:00

Hoping you guys can help me... the Wife's 2014 AWD RT has been at the Dealership since Monday because of a clunk or squeak when the brakes are applied and the suspension is activated by a dip or bump in the road. Essentially if you're braking for a traffic light and you slowly pass over a bump it makes a noise. It started at about 12k miles and has gotten progressively worse.
In true form the dealer "test drove" it and couldn't replicate it so tried to send us away without a fix. I took the service manager out and within 30 sec I was able to replicate it over a sewer grate in their parking lot. I just got a "hmm that's not normal" but haven't heard a peep since then.

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References ... ver-bumps/

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