After market brake pads and rotors

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After market brake pads and rotors

Postby williamhawk » 22 Sep 2017, 08:20

Can anyone recommend any after market brake pads or rotors that may stand up better to rusting and other lack of use issues?
My 2014 failed a safety 3 months ago after the dealer did and works and said everything was fine. It failed the safety due to rust on the brake rotors. Dealer says these are new rules meant to protect used car buyers and not actually a safety issue. OK,fine, Np you missed it and had them machine the rotors.
Less than 3 months later in for another works. They want to replace the rear rotors due to pitting, machine the front ones again, and do a full disc brakes service. $600. Block of which is the rotors. I cannot afford to replace the rotors every 3 months because they rarely get used but am going to need another safety this December (uber).

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References ... nd-rotors/

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