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Does Eating for Energy Really Work?

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Fatty Food and Performance

There is no doubt that artery-clogging chips, fries http://www.montrealcanadiensteamstore.com/adidas-pierre-turgeon-jersey , ice cream, nachos and donuts aren't the healthiest food choices. Not only can these fatty foods lead to health problems, but they negatively impact performance by displacing carbohydrates. This is a timely topic in light of the popular 40% carbohydrate Zone diet that contrasts the 60% carbohydrate diet recommended by most exercise professionals.

Consider the sport of ice hockey. It is an incredibly intense activity that relies almost solely on muscular strength. During a game, carbohydrates are a primary fuel; muscle carbohydrate (glycogen) stores decline between 38 -88%. Glycogen depletion relates closely to muscular fatigue. A motion analysis of elite ice hockey teams showed the players with a high- carbohydrate (60%) diet skated not only 30% further but also faster than the players who ate a low-carbohydrate (40%) diet.

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