Make your kitchen more elegant with benchtops

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Make your kitchen more elegant with benchtops

Postby gitanistone » 15 Mar 2019, 04:43

Beautiful stone benchtops add a little luxury to your kitchen. Providing more than just good looks, stone has many advantage like itsdurability, ideal for preparing meals, practical solution for the kitchen, washing up or even just sitting with a glass of wine.
Gitani stone, one of the best suppliers of Kitchen Benchtops Sydney works to give you more elegant and innovative design. As your home not only looksworthy when using our Kitchen Benchtops Sydney but also there are many advantages of using stone benchtops.
Quartz kitchen benchtops have Prestigious and eye-catching appearance, extremely scratch resistant with one of the hardest surfaces, you can find among kitchen benchtops. While Acrylic Kitchen Benchtops Sydney are Very easy to maintain and clean, Affordable and quite easy to be installed.
Whereas Laminate Kitchen Benchtops Sydney are available in affordable price, much cheaper compared to materials, such as engineered or natural stones. You don’t have to worry about harbouring of unwanted “guests” on its surface, such as bacteria, mildew, mould, or other most common microorganisms
Granite Kitchen Benchtops Sydney can be more affordable compared to other materials with similar remarkable surface hardness. It is scorch, heat, and burn resistant
Here we wish to share or customer satisfactions:
Gitani Stone imports a range of genuine stone. This particular one possesses different colours and textures that really caught the eye. Since we love their commitment to quality and creativeness, we knew that Gitani Stone would help us to find something that would bring authenticity to our restaurant.
We knew it would be special from day one. Our customers are always commenting on the table’s uniqueness, the smooth and rippled textures and the big question – who made it?
The table’s character and enhancement changes depending on the colours and style of food we serve. We love how each meal always looks different with the stone background!
Serpentine Brown in a Leather Finish expresses rich character – its white markings add bold feelings of confidence to the restaurant. Being a group/communal table means it’s the most popular table booked amongst our regulars. It’s amazing what nature can produce, but even more amazing when man respects nature’s products through showcasing the product in its simplest form.
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