It will be no hindrance to him in prosecuting

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It will be no hindrance to him in prosecuting

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&nbsp; <BR>Her ladyship pressed the colonel very closely. She begged him to speak openly and without reserve. In Cheap prom dress order to invite confidence, she detailed the whole of the circumstances connected with Herbert’s birth and parentage. She enlarged upon his possible prospects, and the importance[95] of his always being at home to advance them. What she scarcely referred to, brave old soul! was the pleasure she would derive from his constant companionship. <BR><BR>‘If you ask my advice, Lady Farrington,’ said Colonel Greathed, ‘I should bridesmaid custom made dress say leave him to follow his profession. It will be no hindrance to him in prosecuting his claims; and should these fail, as I apprehend is just possible, he may nevertheless achieve an excellent position for himself. His bent is so strongly marked; he is so promising a young soldier; he has already done so well; he is, I firmly believe, so keen and eager to short homecoming dress sale continue in his career that I think it would be unfair to himself, to his friends, to the country he serves, to baulk him and turn him aside.’ <BR><BR>Lady Farrington was much moved.[96] Her eyes were full of tears, and she could hardly speak. <BR><BR>‘It will pain you, I fear, to part with him. You will miss him greatly, I have no doubt. Still such partings are only short-lived, and when they are for a young man’s good—’ <BR><BR>‘You are right, Colonel Greathed, and cheap homecoming dress I am half ashamed of myself for my selfish weakness, but I can hold out no longer.’ <BR><BR>She wiped her eyes and sent for Herbert. <BR><BR>‘It is settled, and in the way to please you best, I feel sure. You shall continue in the calling you customized prom dress have chosen, my brave boy. It must and shall be so. I have not many years to live, but I pray God will spare me until I see you righted I hope, but at any rate on the high road to fame.’
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