NBA 2K 19 - a Brief Overview

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NBA 2K 19 - a Brief Overview

Postby Cszcy » 01 Aug 2018, 02:32

A different way to earn VC is by finishing matches in MyCareer. You will earn a certain amount of VC based on your player functionality; however, there aren't any more VC multipliers for finishing a match on a higher difficulty setting. Essentially, you'll earn around 700 to 1500 VC each match.

The weekly MT NBA 2K19 interactive episodes are also a terrific way to make money. Simply answer a few questions to earn around 500 VC in addition to various benefits, like cards for MyTeam. Aside from getting in-game rewards, you'll learn a few tidbits on certain ballers and a couple of insights on how developer Visual Concepts generated NBA 2K19.


You can even make money with little to no attempt by mimicking matches in NBA 2K19. Go to MyLeague and simulate games in real time with Simcast. It is possible to fast forward the simulator rate so matches will end quicker. At the close of the game, you'll receive a hefty amount of VC.

If you just happen to be near the 2K Zone while researching The Neighborhood, it's worth visting the area to make a teeny bit of money. There is also a machine where it is possible to wager on three match ups, and you will make 25 VC for every correct pick.

If you still don't have sufficient money, then you can consider the various cross-promotions using NBA 2K19.

In a tight Infomation About NBA 2K game in which both teams manage to score a hoop in every ball possession, successful three-point shots can sometimes decide the victor. Somewhat realistically portrayed in the game, landing threes is difficult, but is definitely worth the effort when successful.
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