FIFA 18: FUT Birthday Market Crash

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FIFA 18: FUT Birthday Market Crash

Postby cheapfifacoins » 29 Mar 2018, 07:16

Tired of wasting time in FIFA ultimate team and not acquiring coins? You want to get the team of your dreams? Do not hesitate and buy the cheapest FIFA 18 coins on cheapest coin buying site. Do not wait any longer and buy coins to get the squad you have always wanted.

Here it is, the FUT Birthday Market Crash is happening! It was actually the most important crash in Fifa Ultimate Team history. We are going to see why and what you should do to prevent it and actually make profit from it.

The causes of the Market Crash:

First of all, we have all cards that have been switched of positions, like Florenzi in CM, his card looks incredible, there actually is no equivalent apart from the Icons like Gullit etc.

So obviously this made a gap in all positions. To balance this deficit, the Icons had to lower their price and the players like Florenzi are actually worth around 350,000 which is massive for an non-Icon card.

This partially made the market crash happen.

There is also the fact that people lose interest from FIFA Ultimate Team these last couple of months because of games that are rising like Fortnite for example. fifa coins discount code So the prices had to fall to gather players back to the game.

How to prevent the Market Crash:

Previously, before events like FUT Birthday, Team Of The Year, Team Of The Season, you should sell all your players that are expensive. Making the SBCs of FUT Birthday can also be interesting: I advise you to make the SBCs that are not costing much, and allow you to have packs like:

-Prime Gold Players Pack

-Premium Gold Players Pack

-Rare Gold Pack

-Rare Players Pack

-Jumbo Rare Players Pack.

You also can buy coins in fifa 18 coins price comparison obviously for a cheap price, it is 100% secured and you are sure to make profit with it especially if you follow the advices I gave you.

You also definitely should make the Kaka SBCs because you can have him for 100,000 coins which is ridiculous for his stats. I shall give you a complete review of him, I can say now that he is worth every penny. You are able to have a Prime Gold Players Packs (great pack), and a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack. So, you are definitely able to return the SBC cost just thanks to the packs.

So, do not miss this opportunity of the Market Crash!
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