The reasons why people create and wear

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The reasons why people create and wear

Postby softsghferlly » 28 Nov 2017, 06:46

The reasons why people create and wear novelty t-shirts are just too many to mention but one thing that they all have in common is how they are made. Everyone, has at some time come up with at least one great idea for a novelty t-shirt but not everyone has the means to have their concepts turned into reality. However; new technological WaterProof fabric advancements have now made creating your own novelty t-shirts easier to do then ever before.

Create Even One T-Shirt

Its the advent of digital print technology that has made creating novelty t-shirts so much easier to do now. Not only are they cheaper using this new technology but there is no more need for minimum orders. This means that now if you only want a few or even one t-shirt created you can easily find an online source that will do it for you.

Silk Screen Frame

In the past, a silk screen frame had to be created with the shirts design on it. Then this frame was used in the silk screen printing process. It was all of the labor that was required to create the print frame that necessitated the need for a minimum order. To produce just a few shirts from the frame that was created was simply not cost effective.

Digital Printing

Digital printing of novelty t-shirts
stretch fabric operates on the same principles as a digital printer that prints paper down at Kinkos. Your image or design is first loaded into he printers memory and then it is simply transferred onto what ever fabric or shirt you are having your design printed on. This means that there is no need for minimum order requirements.

Light Colors on Dark Fabrics

However; there is one thing that a digital printer cannot do as well as traditional silk screen printing and that is print light colors on dark fabrics. This is because digital printers use a very thin type of ink that functions well in its micro-sprayers. This means that for lighter colors printed onto darker colored fabrics, silk screen would be the ideal choice of methods.
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