Coming to talk about the power used by plasma cutters

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Coming to talk about the power used by plasma cutters

Postby aluminumsweld » 10 Nov 2017, 03:02

The large plasma cutters would have an output between 50 and 80 amps and they would be 220 volt systems. The working of plasma cutter is done using a high voltage electrical arc and compresses gas, which would normally be air. Here the plasma cutters are of great use for cutting the metals. The plasma cutting machines come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes the plasma cutters act as gougers and are capable of cutting metals accurately and quickly. Since the plasma does not rely on highly flammable gases, they have the capacity to cut up to five times faster than traditional torches. One of the main advantages is that during plasma cutting the surface of the metal outside the cutting area remains relatively cool. For precise curved line cutting, there are thin heat affected zone (HAZ) also allows the use of templates. Due to metal's strength, it cannot be manipulated easily to form into specialized pieces. There are monstrous metal cutting machines as well as portable plasma cutters. Metals are being used to build the tools and transportation necessary for day-to-day businesses. Thus a clear cut takes place without any slag. For cutting any conductive metal up to inch thick, hand-held plasma cutting equipments would be available.
This would help in preventing the warping and paint damage that happens with other flame cutters. This is because stainless steel bending metals are extremely strong and durable and for anything that has to be big aluminum laser cutting and sturdy, metal is the perfect choice.If we take a look at modern industry we can see that it largely depends on the manipulation of heavy metal and alloys.
. Everyday huge equipments are made including cranes, cars, skyscrapers, robots, and suspension bridges using precisely formed metal components. However, for industrial purposes larger ones are used which can cut through 2 inches of metal. A high circuit is developed as the arc comes in contact with the working surface thereby melting a section less than 1/16" wide. The force of the plasma then completely blows out the molten area on the work piece. The speed at which plasma arc travels through the nozzle would be up to 20,000 feet per second and the temperature would reach as high as 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The plasma cutter works by binding one of the most prevalent states of matter in the visible universe; plasma. On board air compressors are often found in these machines in order to simplify their use.

Coming to talk about the power used by plasma cutters, it has been seen that light portable plasma cutters take in 110 volts with an output of around 12-35 amps.

There are many advantages in using plasma cutters in welding industry. A concentrated arc of plasma is created at the cutter's tip as an electrical arc generated by an internal electrode ionizes gas passing through a nozzle.

The plasma cutter is basically a simple and relatively easy to use tool to cut steel and other electrically conductive metals.

Since the metal is so sturdy, it is really tough to cut and mend it desirably
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