FIFA 18: Hazard Has Almost OP Finesse Shots And No Fear Fact

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FIFA 18: Hazard Has Almost OP Finesse Shots And No Fear Fact

Postby cheapfifacoins » 03 Nov 2017, 07:08

The vast majority of Hazard’s goals came from the edge of the box and long range finesse shots from tight angles. Although he requires a lot of power to be pumped into them, Hazard’s finesse shots are fantastic once you get used to them.

The best thing about Hazad is that he’s often overlooked in game. If you got a Ronaldo or Messi, those fuckers are being closed down immediately,fifa 18 cheap reliable coins review and you’ll need to work hard with them to generate chances.

With Hazard, you usually get a lot more space, which means you can quickly change direction on the edge of the box and bang a finesse shot in. His finesse trait is so clutch and is often overlooked by enemy defenders, so you’ll end up surprised at how many of them you can score. Even against great keepers like David De Gea.

When/if Hazard gets an in form card that boosts his shooting attributes a bit, his finesse shots will definitely be overpowered as hell, just like Jonas in FIFA 17.

By the way, Hazard’s regular shots are excellent as well. Keep in mind I had Hawk chemistry on him though.

Hazard Has The Body Of A Punk Ass 12 Year Old

Eden Hazard is soooooooooooo weak in game. He doesn’t fall down easily thanks to his balance, but he’s going to lose a physical battle 95% of the time. That’s a pretty key thing to understand, especially when a guy like Ronaldo performs like a tank in game and can outmuscle CDMs for some reason.

With Hazard, your priority should be to take a step away from the defender if they’re near you. Don’t invite physical contact. top rated fifa coins They’re the cat and you’re the mouse. If you’re at the LF position and can take a diagonal step towards the bottom right, do it, and then blast a wicked sick finesse shot at the far post.
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