Barca’s the biggest hidden trouble

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Barca’s the biggest hidden trouble

Postby fifa17coins » 23 Oct 2017, 06:20

Familiar with Barcelona came back, under the leadership of the coach Balveld, Catalonia giants 8 rounds of league 7 wins and 1 level, has been off Real Madrid 5 points. In the Champions League, Barcelona 3 war victory, topped the top position. Although the results in the arena seems impeccable, but Barcelona has a serious internal problems.
"Marca newspaper" latest news that the Barcelona meeting will be held in the local time on Saturday, the main content of the meeting is to review the budget through the club this season. Barcelona's budget for the season set a team record of up to 890 million euros, but the total cost of paying the player's salary unexpectedly reached 588 million euros.
Barcelona this season does not include transfer payments and fixed assets transfer revenue (net income) reached 707 million euros, but the Barcelona staff's total salary has accounted for 84% of the proportion, which also broke the Catalan giants A record of salary expenditure. 2009-2010 season, fifa 18 coins Barcelona player salary accounted for 77% of net income, but the team's total salary of 306 million euros, almost half of the current.
Salary expenses account for 84% of the net income of the club, which is enough to make Barcelona attention, usually, the proportion of 50% to 70%. Although the previous high income in Barcelona Nei Maer has left the team, but the other players of the huge income or make the Catalan giants face financial tight situation. Barcelona President Bartomev is also trying to improve the dilemma, in addition to raising sales jersey, Nike sponsorship fees and as much as possible for the cost of television coverage from the income, the club is also trying to clean the staff, such as Turan, Vermaelen, but failed to do so.
It is worth mentioning that, although the salary structure of Barcelona has been a problem, but the team more than the core players of the renewal issue is still to be carried out. Pique and Roberto's contract will expire in the summer of 2019, the current club will also face the issue of their pay rise. But before that, fifa coins Catalonia executives need to face the most important issue I am afraid or with the Nou Camp King Messi signed a new contract, the Argentine star contract to next summer may have expired.
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