Real Madrid renews of Asensio

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Real Madrid renews of Asensio

Postby fifa17coins » 29 Sep 2017, 06:46

Real Madrid club official announced with 21-year-old genius midfielder Arsenic renew. Arsenio received a 2023-year contract, his new contract annual salary will reach 3.5 million euros.
21-year-old Asuncio debut from Mallorca youth training, young fame, but also from Mallorca began to become a professional player. In the winter of 2014, Arsenio to 3.9 million euros to the price of Real Madrid, but stay in Mallorca to rent the identity of that season. 2015-16 season Arsenio was loaned to the Spaniards, last summer rental period returned to Real Madrid.
Back to Real Madrid, the young Arsenio in Zidane won the trust to get the opportunity to appear, and in many games have excellent performance. His team last season with the Spanish laureate and Champions League champions, he in the Champions League final game against Juventus into a ball. Most of the time last season as a substitute, fifa 18 coins but even so he played on behalf of the team in 38 games scored 10 goals, the data is very eye-catching.
Winter 2014 Arsenic transfer Real Madrid and Galaxy warships signed a contract for six years, although the contract expires there for a long time, but because of the recent performance of the Spanish teenager, Real Madrid decided to extend the contract ahead of time, and significantly improve the treatment The
On the afternoon of September 28, Real Madrid announced the renewal of the summer of 2023 with Arsenal. According to the Spanish media revealed that Arsenio's annual salary will rise sharply, the new contract annual salary of 3.5 million euros. His original contract in the termination fee will be raised to 500 million euros, which means that other giants want to hunt the Spanish genius midfielder more difficult.fifa coins
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