Real Madrid wants to dig Werner

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Real Madrid wants to dig Werner

Postby fifa17coins » 11 Sep 2017, 09:01

Mora this summer to leave the team, cheap fifa 18 coins Real Madrid's 9-bit staff reserves suddenly seemed weak down. After the injury in Benzema, due to C Lo is still in the suspension period, Zidane in the next round of the league can only send teenager Maurella starting, and the ability of Maurella can be competent for the front end of Real Madrid bridge doubt.
According to "Aspen" revealed that in order to enhance the lineup on the lineup depth, Real Madrid intends to introduce a strong and young shooter, and in the recent performance of the German cutting-edge Werner has entered the Galactic warships.
21-year-old Welner in the last season fame, in the Bundesliga league scored 21 goals ranked fourth in the scorer list, and is the best local striker in Germany. This summer's Confederations Cup, cheap fifa coins Werner played on behalf of the German team, while helping the German chariot aspirations at the same time, personal scored three goals won the tournament gold boots. In this international competition day, Werner two preliminaries preliminaries scored three goals, is Germany's two-game winning streak of the biggest hero, a great lock in the summer World Cup main center posture.
Werner speed fast, very strong ability to fight, good at playing defensive counterattack, which is quite consistent with the tactics of Real Madrid. While the height is only 1 meter 81, but the impact of Werner can let the team a single arrow. In addition, remove the center position, Welner is also capable of left and right winger, striker million gold oil properties can also make it better in Real Madrid based.
In fact, Real Madrid this summer has begun to lay the foundation for the future, Sebalus and Theo are Galaxy warships for future investment. In addition, there are Arsenio, Islam has played this famous young talent. The "Aspen newspaper" is that, Welner's talent can be very perfect into the above genius, Real Madrid one of the future humerus.
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