Where will Messi go?

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Where will Messi go?

Postby fifa17coins » 04 Sep 2017, 07:58

Barcelona this summer in cheap fifa 18 coins the transfer market failed caused a lot of fans dissatisfaction, is the so-called "house leakage partial night rain", Catalan giants former chairman of the campaign Benetto at this time opened the impeachment incumbent chairman Bartow Meh's procedure, now the internal battle of Barcelona is escalating again. And at this time, red and blue army executives once again made a joke.
Local time Saturday morning, Barcelona technical secretary Robert Fernandez and sports director Albert - Sorel attended a press conference held in the Camp Nou, Soleil said the job with Messi has been close to completion, but His subsequent slip of the tongue has become a joke outside. Sorel wanted to express Nemal leave the team had a great impact, cheap fifa coinsbut he was the name of Nemal called Nou Camp's medal Messi. Soleil said: "Leo (Messi) to leave the influence of the team sports a lot of things.
Although the Barcelona sports director kept saying that Messi's renewal work is almost complete, but the Spanish local media has denied this. "World Sports Daily" quoted the Spanish radio station news that the Argentine star and Barcelona renewal of the work has been shelved, Messi this year will not choose to renew with the Catalan giants.
Messi and Barcelona contract has long been downtown downtown, Manchester City this summer and Messi has repeatedly heard the scandal, the media and even broke the rush of the blue army will be directly buy Messi's contract, but ultimately nothing. In Nei Maer was forced to draw a large Paris after the Barcelona is bound to leave the masters, but the club inside and outside a mess of the situation so that Messi was disappointed, which he chose to temporarily renew one of the main reasons.
It is worth mentioning that Messi and Barcelona's contract will expire next summer, that is to say the Argentine in January next year will be able to contact with other teams to discuss the new contract. Barcelona is now all sorts of tricks, but the club is full of confidence, they think the contract with Messi will not appear bad pool. http://www.fifacoins.com
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