Dembélé joins Barca

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Dembélé joins Barca

Postby fifa17coins » 28 Aug 2017, 03:29

Barcelona officially announced the signing of Ottoman - Deng Beilei has reached an agreement with the Dortmund, Catalonia giants will be signed with the French Yao Xing a five-year contract, and the contract breach of contract up to 400 million euros. The official Barcelona also revealed that the high-speed transfer fee for Deborah was € 105 million, in addition to some additional terms.
Dumbledore will arrive in Barcelona on local time, and he will undergo a medical checkup. If all goes well, Barcelona will be signed next Monday with Deng Beilei.
Born in May 15, 1997, Deng Beilei is one of the world's best performing young players, the French winger dribbling breakthrough is very sharp, in the offensive end to show a strong talent. Denberl had previously proved his value at Rennes and Dortmund. He can win the wing or winger, and even center, attack the property is very comprehensive. Tengbei last season in the Bundesliga completed 103 successful breakthroughs, is the Bundesliga breakthrough king, and scored 10 goals assists 20 times, the performance was quite stunning.
Barcelona in the loss of Nemal has been in the transfer market after the replacement of Brazilian superstar, Denberto is the focus of the Catalan giants signings target. fifa 18 coins French in order to be able to join Barcelona, had already taken the extreme means of training, and has been with the club and teammates in a state of losing streak. Today, the French desire to come true, and finally about to visit the Nou Camp stadium.
French media "team reported that" Deng Beilei floating terms total of 40 million euros. In other words, Barcelona for the introduction of Dengbei Lai spending up to 145 million euros, fifa coins Deng Beilei will also surpass Manchester United star Borgba, become the world's third highest transfer fee players (ranked first Of Nei Maer).
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