Barca’s new star burst his power

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Barca’s new star burst his power

Postby fifa17coins » 21 Aug 2017, 09:46

Iniesta's injury, fifa 18 coins making Roberto appeared in the left position of Barcelona. In Tonight's Nou Camp, Roberto is one of the best performers in Barcelona, and he frequently uses the iconic post-plugged tearing Betis defense line. In the Iniesta era of the old state, Roberto in the new season will play an important role.
In the last week when defeated Bernabeu, Roberto is one of the best players in Barcelona. Despite the hopeless hope, but he is still frequent sprint to Real Madrid restricted area, he was the "Daily Sport newspaper" only given the points of the Barcelona players. Tonight, Roberto is still in the two restricted area between the sprint run. Barcelona to seal the victory of the second goal, by Roberto scored. Deu Luo Fei Wu front steals, Roberto high-speed plug in the road Qiangdou break.
Roberto's great advantage is the excellent pre-insert meaning and ability. In the 15/16 season Barcelona 4 to 0 capture Bernabeu, Roberto's sudden prelude to disrupt the whole line of Real Madrid, he directly help Barcelona to break the deadlock. And in the last season, Barcelona 3 to 2 capture the Bernabeu, but also his last moment after the attack 60 meters instigated attack, gave Messi lore opportunities.
Roberto's ability to advance so well, fifa coins Barvade also tailored for his new tactics. With the midfielder in front of Busquets, Rakitic is clearly bearing a heavier defensive mission, and Roberto has gained the right to attack before the attack. Barcelona this season, stressed the high closing down, Roberto super running ability, so he can lose the ball after the first time for Barcelona to build a line of defense.
Roberto excellent performance at the beginning of the season, making Barcelona midfielder competition will become more tragic. In addition to Busquets, now no one has a solid main position. Roberto can play all the positions in the midfield, Raktiqi has been the main force for more than three years, Iniesta is the captain, Gomez is an important signings last season. Do not forget, there are Barcelona can play the back of the Javier Mascherano, but also to play the midfielder of the small Suarez, as well as recuperating in the Rafinha. In this case, what will Paulolon play? If the future of Barvade unchanged array 4231, http;// Paulina seems difficult to become the main routine.
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