Zidane makes Real Madrid become the king of football world

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Zidane makes Real Madrid become the king of football world

Postby fifa17coins » 09 Aug 2017, 07:42

After defeating Manchester United, cheap fifa 18 coins Real Madrid became the history of the European Super Cup third defending successful team, after two teams are Ajax and AC Milan. This championship, but also Zidane took office a year and a half to get the sixth championship. "Marca" pointed out that although Zidane coach Real Madrid also more than 500 days, but the number of trophies has reached the club history fourth.
Last year in January, Zidane replaced Benitez as Real Madrid coach, when Real Madrid locker room collapsed, tactical also some confusion. Just a year and a half, Zidane let Real Madrid became the ruler of European football. In this year and a half, Zidane led his team won two Champions League, two European Cup, a La Liga and a World Cup.
In the Real Madrid coach championship, Zidane ranked fourth. Bosque ranked third, he led his unit to get seven championship trophies, including two Champions League, two La Liga, a European super cup, an intercontinental cup and a Western cup. This weekend and next week, Real Madrid will be in the West cup against Barcelona, cheap fifa coins then Zidane is expected in the trophy count on the number of Bosque.
Ranked in the history of Real Madrid before the two, respectively, Moloney and Muñoz. The former won eight championships, including three La Liga, two European Cup, two King's Cup and a Spanish League Cup. The latter got 14 championships, including nine La Liga, two Champions League, two King's Cup and one Intercontinental Cup.

2017 European Super Cup, Champions League 2-1 Real Madrid win over Manchester United champions. From the score point of view, it seems that Real Madrid is not easy to win, the real scene is that Real Madrid did not give Manchester any chance, Galaxy warships logical to become the Champions League (after the reform) in the history of the first defending European super Cup team!

Tonight this victory, making Real Madrid continuous scoring record into 66 games. Real Madrid last time did not score, occurred in the 15/16 season when the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City. After this, Real Madrid scored 63 goals in 66 games, including the league, the Champions League, King's Cup, www.fifaultimateteamcoins.com World Club Cup and the European Cup goals were 112 balls, 38 goals, 22 goals, 6 balls and 5 balls The In the 183 ball, Ronaldo scored 46 goals, accounting for 25%.
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