James Rodríguez may join Bayern soon

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James Rodríguez may join Bayern soon

Postby fifa17coins » 11 Jul 2017, 02:22

Spanish media sources said that the next few hours, fifa coins Bayern Munich will be the acquisition of Real Madrid Real offer Qu.
Over the past season, James Rodríguez ushered in the lowest valley of Real Madrid, Colombian stars throughout the season are the edge of the team players, the Champions League final match Juventus, James Rodríguez is Real Madrid coach Zidane excluded from the list, which for Worth up to 80 million euros in terms of superstar, is simply a shame. In this case, James Rodríguez has decided to leave the Bernabeu. In fact, Real Madrid coach Zidane on James Rodríguez whether to leave the team did not care, he wanted to stay in Isko, and look forward to Asuncio rapid growth, in addition he tried to operate the European Youth MVP Severus. For Zidane, these players are important to Real Madrid, they can replace James Rodríguez.
Spanish name Havel - Hernandez - Bonnett recently confirmed this point in an interview, and disclosed that Bayern Munich will become James Rodríguez's home, "James Rodríguez will not stay in Real Madrid, the current situation is , Compared to Paris Saint Germain, he is closer to Bayern Munich. "fifa 17 coins Although James Rodríguez in Real Madrid is not reused, but he pushed him forward to the market, is still a meat and potatoes, because he is not bad performance in Real Madrid, Last season only played 33 times the case, scored 11 assists 13 times. Since the summer of 2014 to join Real Madrid, James Rodríguez's data is played 111 times, scored 36 assists 41 times, as an attacking midfielder, this data is enough color.
Because of this, James Rodríguez won the favor of many giants, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain, Juventus and Inter Milan and many other giants are hoping to get the Colombian star. www.fifacoinszone.net But now from the news of the Spanish media, Bayern Munich in the battle of James Rodríguez in a leading position, the team coach Ancelotti deliberately appointed Colombian star to become the new core of the Southern Star.
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