Neymar-If Wenser is the one I will leave

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Neymar-If Wenser is the one I will leave

Postby fifa17coins » 12 May 2017, 09:13

Enrique and less than a month will put down the Barcelona pointer, the future of Wen Suer and Barvade is the two successors in the team are looking forward to the case of Wensouer coaching, Nei Maer was exposed has been put , If Wen Suai coached Barcelona, he will leave the team.
Winsou is Barcelona's assistant coach, after a team training for Nei Maer said: "If you take such a training attitude, Ronaldinho is your end." Nemal for the temperature Egypt is very dissatisfied with this statement, Ronaldinho is his own good friend, but it was Wensou Ai as a negative teaching material, and Nei Maer character is not a well-behaved, assistant words some harsh, his face could not hang , On the spot and the temperature of the Soviet Union on the spray, buy fifa coins then stopped out of the training.
Winsou's words are not a kind of ridicule and nonsensical attacks, Nemal since joining, he has been repeatedly before and after exposure to important games before and after the night drunk crazy hi, and that year and addicted to the Barcelona nightclub, the life of the red wine destroyed Lo is very similar. As the Prince of Barcelona tomorrow, Wen Suya certainly do not want Nemal fall, but the Brazilian striker did not know the truth of the words. "World Sports Daily" revealed: Nei Maer has said he can not work with the temperature Suo Suai, if the future of Wen Suai to take over Enrique, Nei Maer will consider leaving the team.
And the Barcelona team had warmly welcome Winnie to be the team coach, his assistant coach identity makes the temperature of the team's internal affairs are very understanding of the tactical system will not have much change, cheap fifa coins but Nei Maer no doubt Is to let his teammates in their own and between Wen Suai to do a second choice of multiple choice questions.
In addition, the temperature has not yet took office has exposed their biggest problem, for the team lock room control capacity is difficult to convince the public. The future if you become a coach, how to quell these big players? Enrique can quarrel, but also since the loss of 800, had been exposed and Messi poor relationship, the Champions League lost Busquets openly questioned their tactics.
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