FAZE:Losers’ hero dream

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FAZE:Losers’ hero dream

Postby fifa17coins » 19 Apr 2017, 08:04

SLi League line finals have been around for some time to see FAZE win the moment, the hearts of not only happy for them, but also has a kind of strange, indescribable feelings - they let us see the "Cock silk "Through continuous efforts to finally get a return, give us most of the bottom of the community struggle to persevere in the power!

Rain is the earliest in the lineup to join FAZE, as Norway CS: GO professional players, but unfortunately there is no local CS: GO strong teams, Rain began his "wandering" career. cs go Coin Flip Glücksspiel The first to join the London second-rate team in London London Conspiracy, LC service for half a year later, rain finally have the opportunity to return home, and the other five players back to Sweden CS: GO training camp - the Norwegian club LGB. In the LGB service during the rain was gradually on the right track, the outstanding performance of Rain received the gambling giants SK throw the olive branch. But eventually and was NIP dismissed after a short time to join LGB Maikelele together set up the international column Team Kinguin, in a "wandering" foreign country to pursue their own dreams!

After Team Kinguin was sponsored by Gamers2, changed its name to G2 Esports. As an international column, all the players from their homes are from different countries. Although all members are very hard, cs go Coin Flip wetten but the differences in living habits, language differences brought about by the exchange so that the team has been unable to achieve good results. So the club management intends to replace the lineup, recruited into the then hot state of France. Later, FAZE formed CS: GO unit, the overall signing of the G2 members, Rain was stable down, step by step until today won the championship.

FAZE active lineup, the second to join is from France KioShiMa. In KioShiMa joined FAZE before the service team was ranked second in the world EnVyUs. During the EnVyUs team to help the team won two Major champion, but in the Dreamhack Kruid champion, the team members began to become impetuous, the results began to decline gradually. After Iere Katowice lost, KioShiMa was forced to expel the pot.

The next is the team sniper Finland spy God Allu, Allu in 2015 has joined the just opened the Maikelele NIP. During the NIP service, as the team is mainly F0rest and Get_Right as the core, Allu as a sniper can not allocate more resources, while the team's main breakthrough hand - Friberg state downturn, so the 2015 team did not score. Allu was even ridiculed as "BOT Allu", helpless Allu left NIP formed the Finnish local team ENCE, want to lead the Finland CS: GO out of the country to the world, but the other individual ability of the other players can not match Allu. During ENCE, Allu Online has a rating of 1.13. After Allu move FAZE gradually turn on the shining personal career.

After FAZE recruited Allu, the team has been a lack of a soul leader. At this time coincides with the team Astralis left TSM self-built team has been unable to return to TSM when the glory and dismissed the team command "big cousin" - Karrigan. Karrigan as the command of the team Astralis, has led TSM had a brilliant record, and even ranked first in the world. TSM's predecessor was "big eyes" Dignitas, from the beginning of the famous Dignitas, Karrigan will always lead the team to practice the overall cooperation and consistency. At that time, although Dignitas did not have a brilliant record, but the former world champion Alex live this team game, see the team between the degree of understanding only at the time of the NIP when the team will be predicted after this will be very good results The So FAZE recruited Karrigan, who was abandoned by Astralis, as the conductor and leader of the team.

Finally joined FAZE is by virtue of the excellent personal ability to circle powder countless "King of the sand" - NiKo the. Mention NiKo, it is estimated that everyone will be distressed for three seconds. During the service in MouZ, NiKo is often a person to lead the whole team, each game not to kill three people almost no less than the game situation, and even appeared four kill still lose the game situation. After the transfer FAZE finally have a close teammate, after a short training run, led the team to obtain the SLi league title.

FAZE members are basically in the original team in the back of the pot was kicked off, but the "Avenger Union" to prove to us that God gave us a door when we will open a window, after the rain and rain is the rainbow!
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