Tragedy!Dybala may not attend UEFA Champion League because o

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Tragedy!Dybala may not attend UEFA Champion League because o

Postby fifa17coins » 16 Apr 2017, 03:12

Dybala in the Champions League 1/4 knockout play in the wonderful help Juventus 3-0 beat Barcelona, the Argentine little striker became the media touted and concerned about the object. Many of the media are looking forward to his first time on the Nou Camp stadium's wonderful play. But in the Serie A 32nd round of the game,fifacoinzone Dybala but because of the right ankle injury end, Italy's Sky Sports TV said Dybala right ankle contusion, and that he may miss this week with Barcelona's Champions League quarter Knockout round of the game debut.
Juventus in the Serie A round of 32 games against the deputy squad leader Pescara, uncle Buffon, Bonucci, Chiellini and Hedi La were rotated, but the front of the attack four groups, More, Dybala, Manzaki and Dybala is still starting to play.
Dybala in the game obviously no force, the number of ball break is very small, it is clear that he did not want to hurt in this game, but backfire Pescara's Muntari played on the pitch several times on the court,fifa coin zoneand in the second half of the first 53 minutes, after an offensive in the frontcourt, the Argentines could no longer hold the game, to the edge of the Allegri to make The gestures of the handicap.
Dybala was then replaced by Storaro end, after the end, Juventus medical group staff with ice pack deposited in his injured right ankle. After the game, the Italian Sky Sports TV called "little magic fairy" right ankle contusion, and that he is likely to miss this week in the game against Barcelona. Italian sky sports television commentator Ambrosini for Dybala's injury is also very pessimistic, he said that even if you can play in Barcelona, he can not be injured 100% to play their own strength.
After the game, Juventus coach Allegri also responded to Diabara's injury: "There are four days to recuperate, he will be healthy, we must remain optimistic about this attitude." :P
From the media reports, Dybala may miss the war with Barcelona, but Juventus should not be too desperate, in the current round of competition, Higuain scored two goals, the European League goals break 200 mark to reach 201 , The state of the small bronze will also be in the game against Barcelona to bring opponents great pressure.
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