Real Madrid Barcelona 1 months default season success or fai

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Real Madrid Barcelona 1 months default season success or fai

Postby fifa17coins » 13 Apr 2017, 07:09

For the wealthy team, the Champions League and the national league title, like the right hand, who can not tell which is more important. The league is the need for at least dozens of game results accumulated, no one is willing to return to liberation before the night, and the Champions League is the impact of the team in the top of Europe the opportunity. fifa coins Often into the season sprint, the Champions League and the league led to the race for several weeks a week in a row, came the team get the prize to get soft, and did not survive the direct collapse of the. Because the Champions League delay league, or because the league delayed the Champions League things, Real Madrid and Barcelona have encountered many times, and now this hard situation again.
Real Madrid Barcelona because of the shopping in the league, delay the Champions League game example, near the front is the 2011-2012 season. When the season Mourinho led the league in a ride away, Barcelona in the league second round of the Derby before and after the start of Real Madrid 4 points. And the time is in the Champions League semi-final between the two rounds, such a schedule for Real Madrid and Barcelona both missed the Champions League final foreshadowed.
That country Derby final Real Madrid with C Luo's goal in the Nou Camp lore Barcelona, fifa 17 coins Red and Blue Corps did not do so at home to defeat Real Madrid will narrow the league points gap to 1 point. And Real Madrid cut off the Barcelona 7 points after the basic lock the league title. But it is laborious effort. The game Guardiola and Mourinho are led his unit to play a very high standard, put aside the outcome does not say, Real Madrid and Barcelona have been a great deal of consumption.
In fact, in the national Derby before the Champions League semi-finals in the first leg, Real Madrid and Barcelona are away on the road, Real Madrid 1-2 loss to Bayern, Barcelona 0-1 lost to Chelsea. Real Madrid second round of home operations, and holding a goal away goal, the situation is very good, but in the Bernabeu against Heinkesi team, 90 minutes and Bayern total score into 3-3 level. Overtime stage Although Real Madrid is home to fight, but do not see any advantage, and the last moment of attack and defense almost out of touch. Penalty shooter embarked on 12 yards C Luo, Kaka and others are fighting to foot soft, and ultimately lost. :)
And Barcelona and Chelsea between the strength of the gap, even more than Real Madrid and Bayern, red and blue army was in the football almost killed God to kill God, but the home against Chelsea is a long absence, the final negligence was Torres scored 1 The ball was announced in advance. After the game, the West media also think that Barcelona is because in the national Derby fight too fierce, or Di Ma Teao team simply could not stop.
If that year Real Madrid and Barcelona because the league delayed the Champions League, then now more than the Western Champions League may be delayed because of the Champions League. In the national Derby before the start, the Champions League 1/4 final round two rounds of the game will be all cruze strike. The two sides in the Champions League in the fight against the fierce side, will most likely in the national derby was seriously affected. But whether it is Zidane or Enrique, are now very difficult in the Champions League and the league made a choice. Whether it is Real Madrid or Barcelona, both for the Primera Liga and the Champions League to fight for nearly a season, or can not make a choice between the two, it may be the result of this era too utilitarian it.
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