Bayern in-form vs residual lineup Real Madrid 0-5

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Bayern in-form vs residual lineup Real Madrid 0-5

Postby fifacoinkopen » 12 Apr 2017, 09:30

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Bayern will play against Real Madrid after a lapse of 3 years, 2014 semi final in the two round of white 5-0 swept the opponent to make the Bundesliga overlord suffered a burning shame and humiliation. This fight again, Bayern is at best this season, the Champions League home court has strong soldiers and sturdy horses, 16 in a row, Real Madrid defence is 1915, BBC combination is also poor state, Lord C has more Luoou crown ball shortage for 631 minutes, a real career record, the Bundesliga giants may ushered in the best time for revenge.
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This time is the Real Madrid and Bayern 23th European games there are 17 times in the Champions League with facing. The history of Real Madrid at Munich's 11 games 9 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses, dismal record, but recently a confrontation, just let the Spanish giants break at Bayern very circle, the April 2014 Champions League semi-final second leg, nearly 6 Champions League goals appeared in the knockout stage of the Ramos, taifashenwei scored a header two, Real Madrid eventually swept 4- Guardiola of Bayern, head into the finals. The two round of the Bundesliga giants Real Madrid beat 5-0, C Ronaldo Ramos each into 2 balls, Benzema also recorded 1 goals to Guardiola Champions League career the most painful defeat, fans banter. the most reliable fifa 17 coins]

Real Madrid injuries mainly concentrated in the back, Pepe and Valane in the past 10 days have been seriously injured, have to rest until next month, the Real Madrid defender left Ramos and Nacho combination, and Carbajal did not participate in the training, physical condition is not ideal. Nacho can play all the defensive positions, but the ability to have a certain gap with the individual, not to mention Tipepe, only on defensive ability, the Portuguese international is the strongest of the 4 Real Madrid defender. The trident attack defence had exposed the poor state, Mingmen coup, Zidane or mysterious power, can help Real Madrid retreats?
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