Caspian Sea Star——Gambit Introduce

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Caspian Sea Star——Gambit Introduce

Postby fifa17coins » 07 Apr 2017, 02:59

The upcoming 2017 ELEAGUE tournament will have three independent CIS teams led by Na`Vi, and today's small series will be one of the Gambit clan.


Basic information
Gambit team is the predecessor of the 2015 HellRaisers clan lineup, former HR team mou, AdreN, Dosia, hooch after HS.GG team after a brief stay, together with the waylander formed Gambit,cs go Roulette Glücksspiel the formation of the team began to enter the 2016 MLG Columbus Championship, and then never missed the Major event. In order to seek better results, Gambit substitutions continue - first to spaze instead of waylander, and then use H0bbit and Zeus replaced hooch and spaze, and ultimately formed what we now see Gambit.

The Soviet Union as the birthplace of automatic rifles, the CIS countries of the CS: GO professional players who have proud of their talent, gun steel has been the label of this team. 2016 ESL One Cologne Championship, Gambit in the steel gun Dust2 is to rely on their own marksmanship CLG and Astralis two teams fight the flow of flowers, head into the quarter-finals. cs go crash sites But then they will be a large score in the train and cache lost to fnatic, the Swedes used in the two maps on the mercy of more than a hard education Gambit, teach them to understand the gun can not solve all the problems. In addition to the marksmanship, Gambit's throwing, investigating, co-ordinating, commanding, etc. all about tactical literacy and the world's first-line teams are very different - they just rely on the momentum in the Dust2 was lucky to be lucky Promotion of the quarterfinals.

Recognize that these Gambit on the one hand signed from the Tengri Kazakhstan guy H0bbit instead of hooch strengthen the marksmanship, on the one hand to attract Na`Vi Zeus to make up for their own experience and tactics on the defects. Gambit finally in DreamHack ZOWIE Open Winter 2016 on the cut OpTic, GODSENT, C9 and other teams to win, and slowly to honor their own talent for the results, the strength of the team is to the first-class level of slow Slow to move closer.

Zeus as the oldest player in the Gambit team, the experience of seven years of giants and the long experience of the command in the team will be the greatest wealth he brings to the new owner. 2016 ESL One Cologne special match Na`Vi stop quarter-finals, the player performance and the team more and more acute problem, the loss of teammates trust Zeus as the victim of the superiors s1mple team swept out. Zeus points out that he is leaving the team because Na`Vi players do not listen to their command, the "win before Major I will never give up" push the top of the move, a time again pushed the topic to the cusp.

The wandering Zeus finally caught the Gambit's olive branch and became a big brother of all the players, whether it was a career experience, a team position or a desire for a champion, who was "right man" for Gambit. In this way, with the win of the obsession once again stood on the familiar stage, Zeus will serve as a team catalyst to continue to achieve the dream and hard work.

ESWC 2016 won the runner, Predator Masters 3 and DreamHack ZOWIE Open Winter 2016 winner, Gambit already in the CIS circle and the European second team in a firm foothold, ELEAGUE Major will be their chance to go beyond their own.

Map pool, in addition to the CIS team are not weak train and cobblestone, Dust2 for the high demand for marksmanship is good at Gambit, and they choose the number of more cache and mirage basically maintained more than 60% winning percentage, and overpass And nuke are the maps they avoid when they are in ban & pick. The new Swiss system, though less powerful for Gambit's clan, means raising the threshold for promotion, but the invariant bo1 system allows them to choose their favorite maps to create possibilities. For this rising new clan, I hold a reasonable expectation, if they can enter the quarter-finals will not make me surprised. :lol:
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