Positioning is also important in CS:GO(B)

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Positioning is also important in CS:GO(B)

Postby fifa17coins » 14 Jul 2017, 06:02

Often the enemy of the smoke will not pay attention to these two points

Use shenfa from the cs go Coin Flip blue car jump on the box, attack the enemy in order to hit you to pull the gun line is very high, you can use this advantage to kill the other hand.

There are purgatory town to use the rotation to jump on a single A1 roof, you can not jump to the roof of the roof, in the windowsill after the point is also a good choice. Avoid the enemy's aiming point from the A1 to get the advantage of the gun.

From this point of view, the use of unconventional stations for regular point of defense, always let the enemy unexpected, because the enemy's sight is not on you, the enemy is still in the gun when you can first hand to kill the enemy The

3. good body can hide the bullet

There is a word called "e-sports did not turn back", the fact is true, because the characters are forward, so want to turn the head is difficult to use, this technique we can stand at the disadvantage when the gun To jump to the enemy to jump into the bunker. Especially when using AWP, finished a shot lost the follow-up output, cs go Coin Flip Seiten we will use the shenfa rotation jump into the bunker.

Foreign host SKOOBY using a jump with the death of A trail CT

KennyS this shenfa can be said to make the melon king very desperate
The most famous shenfa is that KennyS used the body to escape GuardiaN two shots, and finally kill each other, foreign media will be rated as "knife of the year"

4. Quick change gun position

When the position is exposed, jump from the jump to A1 to change the gun position

In the A connection at the gun at a disadvantage, the use of motorcycles and even jump into the pit, the rapid conversion of gun

From the pit even jump on the platform, http://www.jackpotcsgo.de/ccoin-flip after being sealed in the pit, you can quickly switch point gun.

If you are locked in the VIP location, you can use these two shortcuts to change their position
So when you are exposed to the gun, the good shenfa can help you quickly and safely change the gun position, to regain the advantage of the gun.
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