Vallejo will return to Real Madrid to replace Pepe

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Vallejo will return to Real Madrid to replace Pepe

Postby fifa17coins » 14 Jun 2017, 03:51

Frankfurt club announced on the official website, cheap fifa coins ps4 the team defender Vallejo end of the lease will return to Real Madrid next season. At the same time Wolfsburg official also announced the team striker Mayoral leasing period ended, the end of the month will leave Wolfsburg.
Vallejo was born in January 1997 in Zaragoza, just over 20 years old Spanish defender was two years ago was leased to his hometown team Zaragoza. This season to join Frankfurt, in the case of two injuries suffered Vallejo still played 27 times and scored a goal. Frankfurt's sports director commented on him: "Vallejo's performance this season is very good, we would like to intend to renew him, but Real Madrid want to immediately recall him on behalf of Frankfurt blessing Vallejo, for his pride and pride "
His high-light performance in the Bundesliga caused a lot of team's attention, but Real Madrid shot in time to recover the Vallejo. Real Madrid most need to strengthen the position is the guard. As Pepe left the team, Real Madrid hoped that Palejo could fill the vacancy of the Portuguese. As the absolute main force of the Spanish U21 national team. Next season he will be with Varane, Nacho, Ramos together to hold up Real Madrid midfielder line.
Born in April 1997, Mayoral will return to Real Madrid. Wolfsburg confirmed on Twitter that he was about to return, and sent a blessing for Mayoral. "Thank you for your pay, Borja. Wish you the future." Mayoral in Wolfsburg's journey is not smooth, only scored two goals, averaging only 20 points, and Wolfsburg season results Bad almost fell into the B level. Despite such a Western media, Mayoral will replace Mariano as Real Madrid's third striker. Zidane has lost patience to Mariano, this summer Mariano is likely to leave the form of rent.
In addition to the above two, has long been announced to lease the return of the "Prince" Marcos - Lorenotte also in the summer this season will return to Real Madrid first team. Marcos in Araisi performance stunning, played 24 games in one to one defense number of successful up to 260 times. Against Barcelona to show the top interception ability to help the newly promoted Ala Weisi to suppress the attack on Massa, Barcelona to eat the first defeat of the season. This season is to help Alvis into the King's Cup final.
Lorente this surname on the Real Madrid has different meaning, Marcos's uncle is the honorary president of Real Madrid legendary star Hunto, his father is the former Real Madrid famous winger Boka - Llorente, Uncle Julio - Llorente is the former Real Madrid right Defender. And the family there are two played the Real Madrid basketball team uncle. Marcos keeps white blood and he does not move for any team. "Joining Alave is to become stronger, fifa 17 coins cheap ps4 for the future in the Bernabeu on the turf to meet the fans applause and cheers.
Next season's Real Madrid lineup will become more terror, the new universe journey has just begun.
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