The interview with s1mple: I am more care about the result

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The interview with s1mple: I am more care about the result

Postby fifa17coins » 15 May 2017, 07:43

NaVi players in the end of their HTC 2V2 after the first game to accept the HLTV interview, talked about some of the league and the current CS: GO sports status quo.
S1mple and seized in the HTC 2V2 opening match with 1-2 score lost to one of the championship favorites FaZe team members NiKo and rain.

S1mple that the league should use a unified coaching rules

After the end of the game, cs go Coin Flip Glücksspiel NaVi's representatives and we talked about the league, their motives and hot topics such as youth academy, different coaching rules, and women's CS.
Q: Why does NaVi send two people to participate in this game, both of you are invited, or you two more than the team want to participate.

Seized: it should be s1mple and GuardiaN to participate, but GuardiaN something can not come, so I came.

Q (ask seized): why would you come to attend?

I went here last year to join the 1V1 league, very much so, so I want to come again. cs go Coin Flip wetten

Q (ask seized): where do you like these leagues?

Seison: This league is very interesting, where I can meet other players, I do not care about the results of the game.

S1mple (interrupted): I am concerned about the results of the game.
Q (ask s1mple): Haha, very concerned about it?

S1mple: yes, because of our game at 11 am, so I will go to rest in the middle of the night, and I do not want to lose to the girl.

I am feeling a lot of pressure. (Haha)

Q: Say women, why do you think they will not reach the level of men?

S1mple: I think they have a lot to do in life. Many girls want to be beautiful and beautiful, they want a lot of things, but for us, it is just work. We understand them, and I hope that one day they can also see it as a job. I hope that the women's team will be able to enter the Major qualifying one day.

Q: How do you see the online game, is it still very important?

S1mple: I think it is not important, but the EPL line of six qualifying places are very important to us. It is not important for us to go to the last game. The qualifying tournament is very important to any team.

There is a big difference between online and offline. I prefer line games.

Q: It's hard to predict the outcome of the match and the league, or it's hard to find a dominant team. Do you think this high level has a relationship?

S1mple: I think this is a high level of competition is very relevant. Every player is doing a lot of contact, trying to try. There are many new teams and new players.

Every team has a coach, each team knows how the other team is the style, and for the.

S1mple: Now a lot of clubs in the signing of the youth team, in the future the home team will work with the youth team to practice training, rather than other teams to play training strategy led to leakage.

Q (ask): how do you see the youth team, they are the development of this game okay?

S1mple: they can not join the league, right? I think it's very bad. I think the youth team on the development of CS is good.

I think it 's good for the country. After many years, more talented players will grow. Now, for example, in the CIS, we have some very good players, but if you compare with Sweden or Denmark, they have a deeper background.
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