Football Association Turned Down to Iceland in FIFA 17

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Football Association Turned Down to Iceland in FIFA 17

Postby u4fifa » 21 Sep 2016, 08:50

EA Sports, producer of FIFA football computer the games, was interested in having the Icelandic national team in the latest version of the game. Football Association rejected the company. Besides if you now need cheap FIFA Coins, you can pay attention our website, we are professional FIFA coin sales agents.

Geir Thorsteinsson, chairman of the Football Association, told the presenters that EA Sports has offered a small amount for the rights, trifles that KSI did not accept.

No agreement was reached on a higher amount and that Iceland will not have that time. Geir says this is the first time in many years the video game manufacturer wanting to have Iceland in the game. What do you think about this? Here are some players reactions.


1.It is dump of 8 years and older Gutta who've looking forward to getting to play with his Icelandic heroes in this game but the sector is equally greedy og testify will not be. This is no prinsip with KSI just a pure greed. In your eyes is this maybe someone Helv. video game but in the eyes of these gutta this is much more than that.

2.I do not understand completely. Fifa16 sold 16.23 million copies and "advertisement" for million payment is rejected. Geir need to explain these rights as licensor to emit more. What is it that EA Sport can do with the brand licensor extrachromosomally to the mark and the national team in the game?

3.miserable like me, KSI has no right to refuse to tethering When questioned, as is that our squad not sector, blow job he's directories Union and does his work well, but this is a game that adeisn would increase the acceleration Icelandic football and fraebaer promotional effectively.

Let us know your thoughts in comments below.
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