Position-dependent extruder knocking

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Position-dependent extruder knocking

Postby rejsmont » 22 Sep 2015, 12:02


I have been happily using the RigidBot for quite some time, until recently extruder started to badly misbehave. In some X positions, close to the bed centre, it won't extrude any filament, just make the knocking noise, moving the filament up and down. The behaviour is independent on the extrusion speed or temperature. It also happens if I manually extrude in mid-air. It seems to depend solely on the physical X position of the print head. I have excluded fibre tension as possible cause (cut the fibre loose from the spool, still same behaviour).

I guess it's software of mainboard issue, but has anyone of you seen something like that? Any solution you would suggest except getting a new board?

Thanks in advance,

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