Dual Extruder from Quintessential

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Dual Extruder from Quintessential

Postby kutch2001 » 09 Jul 2014, 00:58

So, I purchased, and assembled, this dual extruder:
http://store.quintessentialuniversalbui ... product=19

Got the 24 volt version and ordered stepper motors from them too. This is the page with stepper motors which look like the ones I received:
http://store.quintessentialuniversalbui ... product=46

Am assuming, with the RigidBot extruder, that it operates on 24Volt. Prior to me hooking this up, any idea if will have a problem?

Far as mounting, looks like can pretty mount it fairly easy, with some minor modifications to the "universal" mounting plate it came with.

Not quite sure how to wire it up yet, but will figure that out after have the RigidBot fully assembled (with stock extruder) so can take measurements and measure voltages.
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Re: Dual Extruder from Quintessential

Postby cester » 10 Jul 2014, 12:34

the voltage that output from the extruder rails on the main board will work without problem, there are trim pots to regulate the voltage given to the steppers. the difference between 24v & 12v version of the dual extruder is due only to the different heater cartridge ( and AFAIK you can use without problem the 12v version by doing an easy modification to the marlin firmware. ) You also have to modify the configuration.h file of Marlin firmware in order to use this 12v fans in the kit.
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Re: Dual Extruder from Quintessential

Postby MarkTecWiz » 15 Oct 2014, 00:22

Hello Did you ever get your dual extruder working Kutch?
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