Top layer issue

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Top layer issue

Postby jackneeson » 17 Jul 2018, 10:53


Just got myself S3D after finally getting my Rigidbot up and running reliably again with upgrades. Loving it so far, quality on prints and ease of use is superior on this slicers. Problem is, extrusion height and width on first layers, comes out perfect. By which I mean, I have 0.48mm extrusion width, 0.2mm layer height.
Set first layer to 150% both on height and width. So calculated that should give my single line skirt the dimensions 0.3mm x 0.72mm. I'm measuring 0.26-.29 height, and .74-.76 width. Which seems pretty dead on, considering a little squish for adhesion. But my top layer is not coming in solid. 4 solid top and bottom layers, printing 20mm hollow calibration cube in PLA 195c, 60mm/s.
Bottom layer is pretty much perfect, and I have no gaps on perimeters. Best result yet was 1.1 multiplier, but then the bottom layer and perimeters was over-extruded a tad. Still not solid top though, just better. Is this just down to more solid top/bottom layers, or am I missing something?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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