First ABS print, getting some weird striping/banding?

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First ABS print, getting some weird striping/banding?

Postby profsquash » 29 Nov 2014, 14:40

Hey guys, I tried my hand at printing ABS for the first time (I'm running a rigidbot regular kit) and I'm getting some weird horizontal banding/striping in the print. The plastic is interchanging light/dark in color and waves in/out corresponding to the color change, which never happened in all of the PLA prints which I've done. My first thought was that maybe the extruder temp is fluctuating too much which is causing the banding, but I ran through the PID tuning again and monitored the temperature values on the extruder as it was printing and stood steady between 229 & 231C. I tried cleaning the rods & spraying some wd-40 on them to see if it was a lubrication issue but that didn't seem to help any.

Some photos of the first print;

Subsequent prints (0.2mm layer height/ABS on right, 0.127mm/ABS in middle, 0.125mm/PLA on the left);

If it were happening in all of my prints i'd be a bit less stumped, but it's really only showing up when I'm using ABS and not when I'm using PLA. The issue seems to be related to the z-artifacts mentioned in this article ... dcdd2d687e but I thought the change in layer height would have been the fix.

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