Thermistor Broke

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Thermistor Broke

Postby dgwinner » 18 Aug 2014, 17:34

Hi All,

I got my printer last week and began the build process. This is my first post here.

Most of the issues I had were missing screws, however I broke the Thermistor stud :x

Is there anyway to fix this, or am I SOL?

Already ordered another one off of ebay, but I'd like to get it ASAP. If I need a new one, and anyone knows of a fast way to get one, please let me know.

I'm in the SF bay area, and I'd like to just drive over and buy one. Not sure where that would be.
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Re: Thermistor Broke

Postby greg » 18 Aug 2014, 18:35

Not aware of anywhere you could get one of those brass threaded inserts unfortunately. You could just glue in a thermistor with exhaust cement or similar. Probably wouldn't be too easy to clean out for a replacement threaded one later, but the hole for it does go all the way through... maybe cement in one side and threaded in the other?
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