Missing electronics and rods too long

Troubleshooting for the mechanical elements of the RigidBot

Missing electronics and rods too long

Postby bobhinkle » 13 Aug 2014, 03:23

I just received my rigidbot today and upon building the printer i found that for one it came without the control pcb. Also it was missing the screws needed to assemble the extruder. Well hopefully these get sent. But my question is i have the rods for the build plate and extruder but when putting them together i found that the rods are too long. They stick out about an inch. Does anyone have the dementions for the rods for the 10x10x10 rigidbot? I feel like they may have sent me the ones for the big bot
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Re: Missing electronics and rods too long

Postby spiderdaddy » 13 Aug 2014, 06:03

Check out the user build notes before you start cutting.

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