Heated bed not working

Troubleshooting any electronic elements of the RigidBot

Heated bed not working

Postby MichaelG » 18 Aug 2014, 04:30

Hi there,

I got my rigidbot a few days ago and am very happy with it so far, except the heated bed is not working.

I double-checked that the wires are hooked up and plugged in correctly. There are no LED lights flashing on the heated bed, and it stays at room temp.

I've sent a message to inventapart. Is there anything I can check to see if I can fix it myself? I do have a multimeter somewhere at home.

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Re: Heated bed not working

Postby mavgrab302 » 18 Aug 2014, 12:56

is this Micheal Greene? Seems you have some of the same issues axis banging etc..anyways I'm not sure of the values ohm's vs temp...I have an issue with hot end not heating up and some said if the thermister isn't working it wont heat...there has to be one on the bed I havent looked thoguh so cant tell you where...I do know 26 deg Celsius on the extruder reads 105 ohm's and 24 if i recall phm'ed 108... so im pretty sure it isn't toast.. try ohm putting an ohm meter on it..
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Re: Heated bed not working

Postby Planwright » 29 Oct 2014, 00:40

I had a problem with heating of my bed. But, I have the LCD option which read "maxtemp bed error". I complained about this to Inventapart and they replaced my bed. The lights now work and the error message is gone. I still have issues getting a good print, but at that problem has been fixed.
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