Print Failed... Offset 2" to the left??

Troubleshooting any electronic elements of the RigidBot

Print Failed... Offset 2" to the left??

Postby jackneeson » 06 Jun 2018, 05:05


So I just set up my N2+ about 10 days ago.. had a few prints come out nice.. had a few errors.. but the prints were far until today
I came in to see my print that had been printing for 20+ hrs had decided to offset to the left by 2-3" it was only a couple layers in when I found it.. no errors or anything I can see wrong... nobody has been near the printer all night/morning.
I measured and it offset at 173mm I have another print I did that is taller than that so I have had successful prints that go past 173mm
Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? Having to reprint a 1200g 126hr print is not ideal to say the least.

Please help

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Thank you
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