New user, Several Problems

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New user, Several Problems

Postby jackneeson » 06 Jun 2018, 05:04


I think I'm going crazy. First my setup: Simplify3d as of a couple days ago (new user). Rigidbot dual extrusion.
I am trying to print an object with 3 colors. I am using the left extruder for the base with Black PLA. The right extruder is for the next layer White PLA, and back to the left extruder for RED PLA. The problems, I am running into I'm not sure if it's me or what.
1. I am not using the heated bed for this print. I am starting fresh with a File...New. I import 3 pieces of the model into the program. Then I align them and they stack nicely.
Next I add a Process1 for the first layer. Almost all the settings come up nicely for my printer, including extruder 1 at 200, extruder 2 at 200, and heated bed at 0. Repeat for Process2 and Process3 selecting the appropriate extruder for process2.
Then I save the factory, close and exit. Relaunch and open the factory. Now I find that the heated bed is at 60 for all 3 processes. I verified that they were all 0 before saving, and now they changed to 3.
Any help on that one?2. So I try this same object in a different way. I have all 3 layers in 1 STL file. So I load this up. Then I specify Process1, 2, 3. Each process has an advanced "Start at mm" and "Stop at mm". SUGGESTION-> This should be START ON LAYER and STOP AFTER LAYER so you could specify start on layer 13 and stop after layer 13.
I specify process 1 to start at 0, and stop at 2.99mm
I specify process 2 to start at 3mm and stop at 3.99mm
I specify process 3 to start at 4mm and no stop.
When I go to print (after verifying that the heated bed is 0 on all three processes because it always changes to 60) one object it works fine. When I duplicate the object and have 2 objects, or 4 objects, they all print squashed. Overall height is around 4.9mm. They actually print at about 3.9mm. Everything is squished down.Any help on this one? Is it me? Or am I running across bugs in the program? I bought this specifically for dual extrusion and I love the control it has over just about every parameter. It is so much better than Cura or Slicer, unless of course, it doesn't work correctly.HELP!?

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