Pro Micro Serial Communication Issue

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Pro Micro Serial Communication Issue

Postby MichaelSmith » 18 May 2018, 12:36


Basically, I am unable to send the Pro Micro 3V anything over serial.
I am receiving data from the board just fine (in fact, it doesn't matter what I set the baud rate to, it seems to adjust every time I connect), but sending anything through the Arduino serial monitor causes it to freeze up until I unplug the Pro Micro.
Using a different serial monitor (Realterm) showed much the same results, except that the freezing was handled better and I just kept seeing the incoming serial data, suggesting it's an issue with the Pro Micro or the Pro Micro drivers.
The LED on the board doesn't light up when I send any commands, suggesting nothing is reaching the board to begin with.
The sketch itself is pretty straightforward. It constantly outputs sensor values (everything seems correct here) until I send a command, when it should stop and send something else. The Pro Micro doesn't seem to be receiving the command and just keeps outputting the sensor values. Fairly sure it's not a code issue though, given the results above and that the code works flawlessly on a Nano.
What can I do to further troubleshoot?

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you
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