Help with out of control printer?

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Help with out of control printer?

Postby williamhawk » 23 Sep 2017, 09:39

I'm having a weird issue with my RigidBot 2 (with new Reliabuild replacement mainboard)- my printer will not print at the speeds I tell it to print at in any slicing software. It just prints at the same speeds throughout the print.
I've tried lowering the speeds all the way to 4 mm/s without any change in print speed. The behavior is as such: the printer prints and moves at a set speed all the time, it does not underspeed for anything, despite my having set underspeed for things like outside layers. It ignores any speed setting input through Cura or Slic3r and prints at this set speed all the time, at least until I set my speed very high. In setting my print speed up to 150 mm/s, the printer does seem to move faster (emphasis on seem). If I manually tell the printer to slow down using the feed rate slider in Repetier, the printer will slow, but only briefly. The printer will quickly ramp itself back up to full speed again.

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References ... ol-printer

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