RigidBot2 Firmware Troubles

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RigidBot2 Firmware Troubles

Postby dagreene » 14 Apr 2016, 13:37

against all my better judgement, I decided to update the firmware on my recently assembled 'RigidBot2' to address some 'dimensional accuracy' issues. Unfortunately, my assumption that the std firmware builds for the 'RigidBot' would apply to the 'RigidBot2' was apparently incorrect. I've attempted to update w/ the following builds so far:

* RigidBot Firmware v1.1 2014-08-11
* Marlin-1.1.0-RC5

symptoms: behavior w/ these builds is nothing close to the as-shipped behaviors of the RigidBot2 (ex, motor action is loud, motor direction is opposite, and overall poorly tuned for this setup).

Can someone (please?) point me to the firmware build that ships w/ the RigidBot2 so that I can get back to a working baseline? ... really appreciate any time that you spend on this!!
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